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DocForAll.com also operates as a reliable and timely Health News website for consumers. We provide practical health tips, and discuss news worthy health-related topics on the radio.

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Topics cover a variety of health issues, coupled with money-saving consumer tips.

Celebrating our 5th year anniversary (5-1-2014) on the air with KOMO News Radio!

Dr. Linda Petter

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Exciting News to Share

The new book, Healthcare On a Budget was recently released. It is available for purchase on Amazon.com or through this website. This easy to read paperback book is a must have for anyone wanting to save money!

What this book is about:

• How to immediately save 25 -75 % on your next medical bill.

• Learn how to get medications, tests, and/or see a doctor for free.

• The new Healthcare Reform Bill and how this will directly impact consumers.

• What doctors want to tell you, but don’t have time.

• How to get paid to stay healthy!

• Learn the best pharmacies to use for routinely saving lots of money.



Health talk on KOMO News Radio Saturday (11-26-2011): Bullying -- Help & Resources. Recommended websites for more information: StopBullying.Gov, and BullyFree.com

For tips on ways to improve self-esteem, see "On The Air" section of this website and listen to the talk: Boosting Self-esteem.

Health talk on KOMO News Radio (10-23-2011): Attention all men, PSA controversy. See "On The Air" section of this website to hear this talk now. Recommended websites for more information: Mayo Clinic, CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Interview on the ABC affiliate KOMO News Radio 1000 AM & 97.7 FM (Seattle, WA), host Charlie Harger. Saturday 9/4/2010, about 5 minutes long.

Topic: book, Healthcare On a Budget. Click on the play button below to listen now

"Healthcare On a Budget"

Guest radio interviews:

* Guest on KVI AM 570 radio (Seattle, WA) "Real Medicine," Saturday 3/5/2011, host Carrie Curtiss. Also, selected for replay on 3/26/2011 for the "Best of Real Medicine." Time about one hour.

Topic: book, Healthcare On a Budget
Click on the play button below to listen now

"Healthcare On a Budget"

* Guest on the radio show “TriState Bargains," WBTN 1370 AM, host Brian Dempsey. The radio station coveres the Vermont, New York and Massachusetts area. This interview aired Saturday (12-4-2010)at 7:22 AM (EST) and Monday (12-6-2010) at 1:00 PM (EST). You can also listen on-line anytime at www.wbtnam.org. Time about one hour.

Topic: book, Healthcare On a Budget.

Below is an email received from the host:

Dr. Linda,

I want to thank you so much for the enlightening interview today. Your book is a "Reference Bible" for good health-care tips & savings! I am sure our listeners will enjoy our interview and I look forward to following your progress as a Health-care consumer advocate.

All the best, Brian Dempsey

* Radio interview on Sunday 1-9-2011, Kentucky's 970AM WGTK. Time: 5:00 pm until 6:00 pm (PST). The topic, “Healthcare On a Budget” -- how to save more money!

To listen live, just go to the website, Frager.com



1. KOMO TV, Seattle, WA (11/2/2012): Common assumption about prescription drug prices can cost you

Pharmacies charging you too much money!

2. KOMO TV, Seattle, WA (1/17/2011): Gastric Bypass Kits for Sale on Amazon.com

Gastric bypass Kit

This story also aired in many states, including Boston MA, MO, California, Florida, and New York...

Do-it-yourself gastric by-pass kit

3. KOMO TV, Seattle, WA (11/14/2010): The story of little Charlie

The story of little Charlie



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